California Nanotechnologies

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Cal Nano Services & Capabilities Presentation (PDF)

California Nanotechnologies offers an array of advanced material processing services with facilities that included multiple advanced consolidation systems (Spark Plasma Sintering), cryogenic milling equipment, and characterization & material testing tools. R&D and pilot-scale production services are performed by Cal Nano for both in-house programs and customer-funded projects. Programs range from Space, Aerospace, Nuclear, and Sports & Recreation industries.

Cal Nano’s core technologies are Spark Plasma Sintering (SPS) and Cryogenic Milling.

Spark Plasma Sintering

SPS is an advanced sintering & bonding technique for all varieties of materials including metallic alloys, high-temp ceramics, high entropy alloys, and much more. Cal Nano provides powder consolidation and material bonding toll services via it’s Spark Plasma Sintering Systems for everything from fundamental R&D to low-volume part production. Cal Nano can sinter samples up to 6" OD and 2400C+ along with inert glove box handling capabilities for nanomaterials and powders sensitive to air/oxygen.

Cryogenic Milling

Cryogenic Milling is cutting-edge powder processing technique used for particle size reduction (to nano scale), mechanical alloying and nano-grain refinement. This process is attrition ball milling at cryogenic temperatures which provides unique benefits to traditional milling/mixing technology. Cal Nano provide toll services for R&D along with production and has multiple milling system on-site.

Other Services Include:
  • Custom Spark Plasma Sintering & Hot Pressing Tooling fabrication & design
  • Wire EDM & machining of metals and metallic alloys
  • Tensile, Compression and Hardness Testing
  • V-blending/ Tumble Milling of powder materials