California Nanotechnologies

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Precision Forged Components
Track Spikes
Performance Fasteners

Thermal Spray Powders
WC-10Co-4Cr, WC-12Co

Nano Light Alloy Powders
Aluminum, Titanium and Magnesium and their Alloys

Nano Alloy Billets
Made to Order

Nano Superalloy Powders
Ni-based, Co-based

Cemented Carbides + Ultrahards
CalNano CalNano
California Nanotechnologies, Inc. produces powders, billets, wire and precision forged components from nano, near-nano, ultrafine, and conventional advanced materials

Advanced cold forged parts could include fasteners, bolts, pins, caps and many other components.

Cal Nano’s light alloy nanograin powders include aluminum, aluminum alloys, titanium, titanium alloys, magnesium and magnesium alloys in standard sieve sizes and cuts. Nano alloy billets are available.

Our thermal spray powders include ultrafine and nano-enhanced structures. These include WC-based materials and titanium powders.

Cal Nano also provides cemented carbides for oil & gas (down-hole drilling), mining and other industries.