California Nanotechnologies

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Component Manufacturing
Nano Alloys, Ceramics, Carbides, Forged, Sintered.

Nano Materials Research & Development
Custom Alloy, Nano Composite Development.

Spark Plasma Sintering
Nano materials, Ceramics, Cermets, Functionally Graded, PDC cutters

Powder Development
Cryogenic, Low, & High Intensity Ball Milling.

Scanning Electron Microscopy
Thermally Assisted Field Emission SEM, Ion Beam Polishing.

Materials Solutions
Wear Surfaces, Rolls, Tooling, Hardface, Thermal Spray Coatings, Super Tool Steel.

Cal Nano provides an array of world class facilities including cold forging, cryogenic milling, controlled atmospheric handling, high vacuum/high temperature degassing, spray drying, advanced consolidation techniques (Spark Plasma Sintering), and characterization tools (Scanning Electron Microscope, Ion Mill).

Through forging and sintering, Cal Nano provides component manufacturing services using Cal Nano materials. Products range from developmental materials, to components for Sports & Recreation.

Materials solutions services are provided with the expertise of Cal Nano's technical staff, with advanced state-of-the-art facilities to solve industry needs.

Extensive research and development services are performed by Cal Nano for both in-house products, and customer funded projects. Current programs range from Space, Aerospace, Medical, and Sports & Recreation industries.

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