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California Nanotechnologies is a world leader in cryogenic milling, with several patents in submission. Cal Nano cryogenically mills metals (including light alloys), carbides, ceramics, and polymers for a wide range of applications including aerospace, energy, medical, automotive, and sports & recreation industries.

Cryomilling has been proven to be one of the most effective processes to produce nano-structured materials. In addition to refining grain structures, nano-dispersoids can also be formed in-situ (e.g., AlN).

Custom alloys, clads and composites can also be made through cryomilling. Multiple reinforcing particulates can be added (Al2O3, SiC, B4C , TiN, Diamonoid).

The resulting powders can then be vacuum degassed, and HIPed, CIPed, or vacuum sintered to form billets and wires.

Nano-enhanced powders can also be used in 3D printed prototypes to form complex geometry components with enhanced properties.